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download Remember sports slow buzz mp3.remember sports slow buzz Album. remember sports slow buzz mixtape. After a close to break-up, the Philadelphia-based band bear in mind Sports (formerly merely Sports) ar back with their third full-length, Slow Buzz. It’s Associate in Nursing acceptable title for this assortment of tracks, that ar regarding the eternal hum of uncertainty that invades each facet of life.

And like that persistent racket, Slow Buzz includes a means of keeping you in its grip. The band sounds additional durable than they did on their 1st 2 albums, the excitability of All Of one thing and Sunchokes giving thanks to additional lax and laidback structures. meaning there’s less of the full-blown panic attacks that the band became proverbial for, however their songwriting chops ar even as robust, even once there’s additional space to breathe.

Download Remember sports slow buzz mp3


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